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Early Childhood Program (3 to 7 year olds)
Classical Youth Ballet Services
Elementary Program (8 to 12 year olds)
Intermediate Program (13 years through College)
In our Early Childhood Program, ages 3 through 7 years are separated into classes by specific age. Our program is meant to develop the entire well-being of a student, both physically and developmentally. We are interested in how and why a student works the way they do and will place a student according to level, if needed. Classes are designed with Share Time (designed to enhance the social aspect of your dancer), Circle Dance & Claps (designed to enhance the developing musician in your dancer), Dance Space (developmentally appropriate classical ballet steps for your dancer according to age), and Free Dance (allowing your dancer to create, imagine, and freely dance in their own unique ability). Your dancer will learn Dancer Manners, how to get along and share with fellow dancers, and use props while learning the art of classical ballet. Most importantly, they will learn to love to dance!​
$36.00 per month for 45-minute class and $40.00 per month for 1-hour class.
At Classical Youth Ballet, we take care to provide our dancers high quality classes that are not only fun but also disciplined and structured.  We believe in training our dancers to become confident individuals, friendly to others, accepting of other's differences, academically more focused, physically healthy, and appreciative of their individual unique gifts. 

We provide a variety of programs including:
The Elementary Program features the beginning levels for learning ballet technique. This division includes dancers ages 8 to 12. Dancers learn the basic ballet positions, the progression of a standard ballet barre and the French vocabulary that defines all of the steps in ballet.  This is done in a unique and fun, yet disciplined way that is unique to Ms. Michelle and her teaching style.

Students progress through these levels as through grades in school; however, all students move at different rates. Some may spend more time in a level while the mind and the body learn to work together; some may progress much faster. Although placement is for the most part according to age, advancement is based on ability and is at the discretion of Ms. Michelle.

Dancers who are 10 years old and are showing progress may enter into the Pre-Pointe Program. Dancers who are 12 years old and have achieved proper technique may qualify to participate in the Pointe Program but must be approved through Ms. Michelle first.  Dancers must have taken for one year and take 2x/week to be considered for these programs.

$40.00 per month for 1-hour class, $44.00 per month for 1-hour 15-minute class.  Please call for pricing for our Pre-Pointe and Pointe programs.
Students in the Intermediate Program also progress through these levels as through grades in school; however, all students move at different rates. They may advance with hard work, determination and discipline. This division includes dancers ages 13 and up. Those who have achieved proper technique may qualify to participate in pointe. These dancers also may audition for Youth Dance Theatre, our youth ballet company, giving them more opportunities to perform.​

Same pricing as above; $80.00 for two 1-hour 30-minute classes per week; $84.00 for two 1-hour 45-minute classes per week.  These classes include Pre-Pointe and Pointe for dancers ages 11 through College.
If you have any questions concerning classes, prices, or policies, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly staff will help find the best solutions for you.